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  • Drill Brush - 83-062
  • Drill Brush - 83-062
  • Drill Brush - 83-062
  • Drill Brush - 83-062
  • Drill Brush - 83-062

  • Attaches to any drill to clean carpet, fabrics, upholstery and seats
  • Lift and extract dirt safely and easily
  • Stiff bristles to dislodge dirt and stains
  • Durable 100% polypropylene
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    Carpet Drill Brushes are designed for powerful scrubbing action with a power drill. Use brushes on tough stains across carpet, upholstery, and fabric. Use red bristles for cleaning deep set-in stains and heavy dirt from rugged carpets and upholstery, or for scrubbing concrete sidewalks or driveways. Yellow bristles are good for cleaning moderate stains and dirt from normal carpet and upholstery, or for scrubbing tile and grout throughout the home. White bristles are soft for gentle cleaning on sensitive fabrics and carpets like wool, mohair, and cotton. Always use the lowest speed setting to achieve satisfactory cleaning results. Test brush and cleaner in an inconspicuous spot for any adverse effects on fabric or dye, and constantly check your work to avoid damaging surfaces.

    Part NumberACC_201_BRUSH_MD
    Attachment SizeStandard Hex Drill Shank
    Safe For Interior?Yes
    Safe For Exterior?Yes
    Ideal UseDurable Upholstery & Carpets

    How To Use:

    • Open the chuck on your power drill wide enough to accommodate the steel shank of the Carpet Brush With Drill Attachment.
    • Align the teeth of the chuck to grip snugly around the shank, and tighten down securely.
    • Turn your drill to the lowest speed and test the effects of the brush and choice of chemical on an inconspicuous spot of your surface to be cleaned.
    • Gradually turn up the power of the drill until satisfactory cleaning results are achieved without harming the surface.