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  • Spray wax and shine in seconds
  • Sprayable natural and synthetic wax coating
  • Protects against pollution, UV sunlight, and the elements
  • Enhances intense gloss and brilliant shine
  • Easy to apply, remove, and enjoy
  • Refined formula for easier spreading and faster removal
  • More durable wax formula for longer-lasting protection
  • Added gloss enhancers for brighter shine and wetter reflection
  • Also available in a pint size
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    Chemical Guys BLITZ is one step spray protectant for a high gloss shine on any painted finish. BLITZ is not a quick detail spray—its a full-strength sealant and wax combo in an easy-to-use spray formula! Use BLITZ to protect your vehicle from pollution, sun damage, fading, water spots, stains, bugs, tree sap, industrial fallout, brake dust, rail dust, and more. Use BLITZ on cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, RVs, and anything that rolls on wheels. Refined gloss enhancers and pure white carnauba wax add intense shine to all colors and paint types: red, white, black, blue, silver, green, single-stage, and clear coat finishes. Properly-sealed cars stay cleaner for longer, and cars treated with BLITZ repel dust and dirt to stay clean for weeks between washes. BLITZ delivers an eye-popping, lustrous, and glowing shine on any color paint or automotive surface.

    Part NumberWAC_117_16
    Size16 ounces
    TopBlack top with sprayer included
    UV blockYes
    Hand applicationYes
    Machine applicationYes
    Safe for clear coatYes
    Safe for light color carsYes
    Safe for dark color carsYes

    How To Use:

    • Prepare surface with a full car wash and clay bar service.
    • Shake BLITZ well to blend the synthetic and natural wax formula.
    • Spray BLITZ into a clean foam or microfiber applicator pad.
    • Spread a thin coat over one panel at a time.
    • Allow five minutes to dry and haze.
    • Buff off to a high gloss shine using a clean microfiber towel.
    • Use BLITZ on any exterior car part that is painted, shiny, or clear.