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#1 Polish
Price: $10.00
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Item #: P-31 -

    #1 PolishTM is a professional formulation specifically designed for the basecoat/clearcoat systems. It removes light oxidation, minor scratches and swirl marks. It's made with very mild abrasives which clean and polish the surface in a one-step operation. #1 Polish will not scratch the clearcoat layer of two-stage paint systems. The end result is a deep, swirl-free, glass like finish! Recommended for hand or machine use.Available in pints or gallons. ...

    Cube Faucet
    Price: $4.50
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    Item #: B-3 -

      Cube to Gallon faucet for 5 gallon cube. Male thread screws into cube cap. On/off spigot with 3/4 inch opening. For accurate pouring of liquids like car wash or upholstery shampoos into a bucket.Cube to Quart faucet for 5 gallon cube. Male thread screws into cube cap. On/off spigot with small, 5/8 inch opening. For accurate pouring into quart dispenser bottles. Great for de-greasers or wheel cleaners. ...

      All Metal
      Price: $10.00
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      Item #: C-90-P -

        Clean, polish and protect all non-coated metals like chrome, stainless steel, magnesium and nickel. Also great for softer metals like aluminum, brass, copper, silver, gold jewelry and more. Solvent base liquid goes on easy and wipes off effortlessly. Removes corrosion, oxidation, stains, rust, tarnish, water spots, tar, grease, bugs and dirt, while restoring the metal’s original brilliance. Carnauba Wax and natural oils seal in deep shine with long term protection. contains no acid or ammonia....

        All Purpose Cleaner
        Price: $17.00
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        Item #: C-10 -

          All purpose, 3 in 1 product-degreaser, whitewall and interior cleaner. Formulated with natural citrus peel extracts for versatile extra duty cleaning. Superior formula cleans interiors and exteriors fast, easy and economically. Ready to use or dilute up to 5:1. Available in gallon, 5 & 55 gallon sizes. VOC COMPLIANT

          Aluminum Mag Polish
          Price: $18.00
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          Item #: C-50-Q -

            Aqua Gloss™
            Price: $17.00
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            Item #: P-81-Q -

              AQUA GLOSS™ is a high gloss liquid polymer designed for final finish use on wet or dry exterior surfaces. Creates a quick water breaking action that reduces drying time and eliminates water spotting on wet vehicles. Leaves a high gloss shine as you dry. Its modified silicone polymer will last up to 3 months. Quickly wipes away bugs, tar, road film, grease pencil and crayon marks. Requires no intensive rubbing or buffing. Contains no cleaners. Excellent results on all types of paint finishes as...

              Awesome Orange
              Price: $8.00
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              Item #: AAO500 -

                A biodegradable, general purpose cleaner blended from natural citrus extracts and powerful surfactant technology. Removes oil, grease, ink marks, scuff marks, lipstick, crayon marks, smoke film, carbon dust, wax & silicone residue, dirty hand prints, stains and more. Cleans a variety of surfaces with great results. Powerful enough to meet all critical cleaning requirements in most industries, while being safe and environmentally friendly.

                Black Beauty Polish
                Price: $38.00
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                Item #: P-29 -

                  One-step color brightener and sealer, specially formulated for black and other dark color paints. Quickly and effectively removes fine swirl marks and cobweb scratches, while leaving a darker, more reflective finish. Contains amino functional silicones and Carnauba Wax for long term, high gloss protection. Safe for all types of paint finishes. For hand or machine use. voc compliant. Available in pint & gallon sizes. Meets VOC Regulations. ...

                  Air Freshener/Odor Eliminator Spray
                  Price: $22.00
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                  Item #: F -

                    PRO® Air fresheners are powerful, long lasting, ready to use scents that counteract malodors and freshen automobile interiors. All of the air fresheners are professional blend of perfumes and deodorizers. They contain no harmful solvents adn are safe for use in any environment. Can be mixed with PRO® water base cleaners for a more pleasant user experience. A unique blend of aromatic essences and oils that leave a long lasting fragrance. Helps control mustiness, mildew, smoke, cigarette, food,...

                    Blue Ice Gel
                    Price: $20.00
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                    Item #: S-67-Q -

                      A high gloss, exterior gel dressing for use on tires, trim and bumpers. Revitalizes rubber, vinyl and plastic surfaces while leaving a rich, high gloss shine. The super thick, gel formula wipes on clear and lays down immediately. Dries to a water repellant, non-tacky finish. Contains UV inhibitors. Safe for all rubber, vinyl and plastic. KOOKABERRY™ fragrance. Available in quart size. VOC COMPLIANT. Meets CARB/OTC Regulations. ...

                      Blue Whale
                      Price: $20.95
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                      Item #: T1100BW -

                        The Blue Whale, Ultra Heavy Microfiber Towel, just like it's counter part of the sea, is a HUGE beast. It is as thick and heavy of a towel as you will ever need. The densely packed, extra-long fibers of these heavy duty towels glide across paint surfaces with ease. Eight panels of pile provide a clean towel surface to work with each time.

                        Allura™ Body Gloss
                        Price: $16.00
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                        Item #: P-10-Q -

                          Allura™ Body Gloss provides excellent gloss enhancement on all automotive paint fi nishes. This body shop safe spray gloss removes surface dust, finger prints and smudges from all types of finishes. Its non-silicone, non-wax formula cleans and polishes chrome, aluminum, rubber trim, plastic, wood and glass. Simply spray and wipe. Produces an instant high gloss shine. Use as a lubricant for clay bars and to re-wet compounds and polishes that dry too quickly while buffing. Dark blue in color...